Crowell Marine is your source for high quality products which meet your special needs. Each Crowell product is selected to help you enjoy your marine and recreational activities with the finest of specialized products.

With your selection, you can be assured that product quality, safety, ease of use, and durability are built into every product. Experienced Crowell Marine personnel can assist with selection, application, and installation information.

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EZ Docks & Lifts
Crowell Marine is an authorized EZ Dock dealer and can help you design a great dock system to fit your needs.
Wahoo Docks
We represent Wahoo Docks, the premier manufacturer of low maintenance aluminum boat docks and gangways.
Lake Lites
Lake Lite provides quality solar-powered lighting that insures safe nighttime boating. They are attractive and duurable.
Aquamend Epoxy
You'll love this - a hand-mixable, specialty epoxy putty for repairs in damp, wet areas and even under fresh or salt water.
Hurricane Boat Lifts
Hurricane Lifts are designed and built to be the highest quality, most attractive lifts at the most affordable prices. Insist on the best!
Bluewater Baby
A spacious and sporty planing boat for outdoor adventurer, designed with the finest materials to be the ultimate yacht tender.
Water Alarm
Get an early warning for water problems - on your boat or at home. Detects even the smallest amounts of moisture before the problem multiplies.

Solve boat and RV holding tank problems with Bio-Clean, a powerful, concentrated blend of natural bacteria and enzymes.

Inox Lubricant
Ideal for marine use:
doesn't dry out or wash off with water, stops electrolysis, .anti-corrosion, anti-moisture, non-conductive and non-staining.


Custom Wiring Harnesses
You won't find a better wiring harness than one of these, custom made for your application with the finest wire and best quality connectors.

PulseTech Battery Maintenance
Buy from the world leader in battery performance technology,
offering diagnostics, corrective and preventive maintenance.

Roll-n-Go Shoreline Systems
Roll-n-Go shore ramps are the affordable way to own high quality shore docking for PWCs and many boats and pontoons.


Solve most docking problems with a simple system that ties your boat TIGHT to a bumper/slide that rides on an 8' track bolted to a piling.

These mooring products and systems provide safe and secure tie-up and free vertical movement for your boat and are 100% maintenance free.

Triton Trailers
have an innovative line of high quality aluminum trailers for personal watercraft, boats, and many other applications.



Marine Power Pedestal
This is a safe and tidy way to consolidate all utilities on your dock so that they are available and accessible and provide area lighting.

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